Reconnective Healing in practice

Reconnective Healing in practice

RECONNECTIVE HEALING is performed in 1-3(4) sessions within 7 to 10 consecutive days.

In one day you can attend only one session. The number of sessions is individual, three sessions are optimal (max.four) – in this number of sessions the highest compliance is observed.

It is not a long-term treatment, the set number of sessions is sufficient.

Information about Reconnective Healing session:

  • Healing is performed in 1-4 sessions
  • All sessions must be completed within 7 to 10 consecutive days
  • Healing is suitable for adults and children of all ages
  • Healing has no negative effects and is also suitable for pregnant women and people in any health condition
  • Healing is carried out exclusively by qualified practitioner with international certification
  • PRICE for Reconnective healing session is: 2.900,-Czk (120,-Eur) / 1 session
  • PACKAGES for 1 person: 5.400,-Czk/2 sessions, 7.800,-Czk/3 sessions, 9.900,-Czk/4 sessions
  • (Sessions can be realized in person or as distance healing)

Usually, we think about healing as the process which treats physical and psychological problems, but in fact Reconnective healing should present a progress in life. It should change your life on the physical, mental, spiritual or emotional level. Often, the positive effect is just to move forward with our life, our job or personal relations. Reconnective healing starts your evolutionary process, some outcomes can be noticed immediately, some of them later. It is useful to re-evaluate your personal advancement in some interval of time.

Results of sessions can be observed in many areas: 

  • HEALTH AND REGENERATION - healing, recovery, regeneration ...
  • CAREER AND BUSINESS - elimination of job related stress, increase of effectiveness ...
  • SPORT AND PHYSICAL CONDITION - strengthens of endurance, regeneration after injuries ...
  • LIFE AND RELATIONSHIPS - improving relations, changing attitudes and habits ...

Healing always works best for a person at a given moment and in a given situation. Don’t expect conventional healing; therefore, do not limit your expectations and give healing a chance to prove itself. Healing often presents through multiple channels. Although the outcome is not guaranteed, it always arrives in top form.

Reconnective healing is verified by research and clinical studies conducted by scientific teams under the leadership of such capacities like Gary Schwartz, PhD, Professor at the University of Arizona and William Tiller, PhD, Professor at the University of Stanford. The results were also summarized in the publication "Science confirms Reconnective Healing" by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov. 

What is the difference between Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection ?:

  • Choose Reconnective Healing if you mostly solve a health problem, whether on physical or psychological level.
  • Choose The Reconnection if you want to move in different areas of your life. Before going through the The Reconnection process, we recommend to have one or two sessions of Reconnective Healing ideally.

Here you can watch an interesting video about the Reconnective Center in Prague and Reconnective healing (English subtitles):  



  • Dates for bookings currently closed
    Dates for bookings currently closed

  • The Reconnection
    The Reconnection

    Do you want to move in your life, relationships, career or business? THE RECONNECTION process is an evolutionary process that brings harmony and reorganization to all aspects of your life! Dates for online reservations are open in the booking form, if the options do not suit you, please do not hesitate to contact me at and we will find another suitable date for you. I look forward to you!

  • RECONNECTIVE HEALING SEMINAR - Prague 11.06.-14.06.2022
    RECONNECTIVE HEALING SEMINAR - Prague 11.06.-14.06.2022

    "The O.N.E. Experience" - Level 1+2 (Online programme "Portal" + Live seminar "Catalyst") - Prague 11.06.-12.06.2022  "RCCP - The Reconnection" - Level 3 - Prague 13.06.-14.06.2022