Reconnective Healing - a return to a state of balance and health

RECONNECTIVE HEALING presents a return to an optimal state of balance. It is a comprehensive approach to our lives and the progress that moves us ahead in our development. It allows us to leave the routines and move us further ahead in our life. Effectiveness of frequency treatment was verified by numerous scientific studies. Reconnective healing is a result of interaction in a broad spectrum of frequencies containing energy, light and information. It affects directly the cause of your problems and returns your body back into balance and equilibrium. It starts a process that effects both physical and psychological level and its result impacts all aspects of your life.




Here you can watch an interesting video about the Reconnective Center in Prague and Reconnective healing (English subtitles):  


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The Reconnection

Do you want to move in your life, relationships, career or business? THE RECONNECTION process is an evolutionary process that brings harmony and reorganization to all aspects of your life! Dates for online reservations are open in the booking form, if the options do not suit you, please do not hesitate to contact me at and we will find another suitable date for you. I look forward to you!


RECONNECTIVE HEALING SEMINAR - Prague 11.06.-14.06.2022

"The O.N.E. Experience" - Level 1+2 (Online programme "Portal" + Live seminar "Catalyst") - Prague 11.06.-12.06.2022  "RCCP - The Reconnection" - Level 3 - Prague 13.06.-14.06.2022