Reconnective Healing in Prague city centre

Whether you are in Prague for business or leisure, do not miss the opportunity to book your Reconnective Healing session. Enrich your stay and do something for yourself! 

Reserve your Reconnective Healing session online or write to 

The Reconnection sessions are also available, please do not forget that you will need to book at least 2 sessions during 2 consecutive days. 

I recommend to make your reservation before you arrive, so you can reserve the time suitable to you. 


  • Dates for bookings currently closed
    Dates for bookings currently closed

  • The Reconnection
    The Reconnection

    Do you want to move in your life, relationships, career or business? THE RECONNECTION process is an evolutionary process that brings harmony and reorganization to all aspects of your life! Dates for online reservations are open in the booking form, if the options do not suit you, please do not hesitate to contact me at and we will find another suitable date for you. I look forward to you!

  • RECONNECTIVE HEALING SEMINAR - Prague 11.06.-14.06.2022
    RECONNECTIVE HEALING SEMINAR - Prague 11.06.-14.06.2022

    "The O.N.E. Experience" - Level 1+2 (Online programme "Portal" + Live seminar "Catalyst") - Prague 11.06.-12.06.2022  "RCCP - The Reconnection" - Level 3 - Prague 13.06.-14.06.2022