Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers

Reconnective Healing session is an original gift not only for Christmas, but also for other occasions or anniversaries. It is a good opportunity to give your loved ones or reward your employees or partners. 

Order of the voucher:

Please, send your order by e-mail to with the note that you are ordering the session as a gift and you wish to issue a gift voucher. Please specify the number of booked sessions (recommended number is 1 to ideally 3 sessions), then enter your name and billing address, your telephone number, the name of the person you are giving this voucher (not obligatory). By return, you will receive an invoice and, once paid, the voucher is issued.

(If the voucher is ordered by the Czech company, please specify whether the company is a VAT payer or not).   

Validity and issue of the voucher:

The voucher is issued approximately 7 days after receipt of payment for the booked session, it may be in the name or without a name and contains the registration number. The validity of the voucher is 6 months from the date of payment..

Price of ordered services:

For price information, please see the "Reconnective healing in practice" section. Gift voucher does not include the price of purchased services by default, but if you wish, the price can be mentioned.

Voucher format:

Electronic voucher (PDF) – sent by e-mail – FREE OF CHARGE

Reservation of the Reconnective healing session:

In this case you do not need to select a scheduling time when ordering. An exact day and time will be chosen by the person/owner of the voucher/, according to his/her wishes.

Use of a voucher:

When ordering a session, please note that this is a session covered by a voucher and write the voucher registration number. The voucher must be handed in before the session begins. The voucher must be used by the end of its validity at the latest. 




  • Dates for bookings currently closed
    Dates for bookings currently closed

  • The Reconnection
    The Reconnection

    Do you want to move in your life, relationships, career or business? THE RECONNECTION process is an evolutionary process that brings harmony and reorganization to all aspects of your life! Dates for online reservations are open in the booking form, if the options do not suit you, please do not hesitate to contact me at and we will find another suitable date for you. I look forward to you!

  • RECONNECTIVE HEALING SEMINAR - Prague 11.06.-14.06.2022
    RECONNECTIVE HEALING SEMINAR - Prague 11.06.-14.06.2022

    "The O.N.E. Experience" - Level 1+2 (Online programme "Portal" + Live seminar "Catalyst") - Prague 11.06.-12.06.2022  "RCCP - The Reconnection" - Level 3 - Prague 13.06.-14.06.2022